On our journey to becoming more aware of our impact on the environment, Blackpop is working to improve its day to day and long term approach to being more sustainable. As a central part of that we keep our carbon footprint as shallow as possible, with all our suppliers less than a 70 minute drive from our studio and showroom in Derbyshire*  We work closely with our wonderful artisan makers to maintain our high standards -  cushions, draperies and some furniture pieces are made to order thereby reducing the need for excessive storage and transportation and generally encouraging less waste.  Wherever possible we re purpose furniture, fillings, fixings and trimmings - thereby extending the life of pieces that would normally go to landfill.
In terms of our materials, alongside our signature cotton velvet, Blackpop also offers a sustainable version.  Ideally designed for commercial projects, this fabric is made from plastic water bottles diverted from landfill and can be printed in any of our designs, retaining super high colour saturation with great eco credentials.  The inks used to print our fabrics and wallpapers are water based.

Our close working relationship with all our customers ensures that we acheive the most appropriate and economical use of materials for their projects and in our design honoured traditional of being 'timeless'.
In addition, we have switched approximately 80% of our packing materials to biodegradable/recyclable and reuse single use plastics where they are given to us. In the studio and showroom we are conscious of keeping our energy consumption as low as possible and compost our daily waste.


* apart from our rugs collections which are made in Kathmandu and Jaipur under Label STEP an organisation ensuring that we all continually strive for better working conditions, fair trade, fair pay, no child labour and general well being for all weavers in carpet manufacturing countries. Step also promotes environmentally friendly production methods.