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Walladawn wallpaper 

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Carolyn Dunlop Interiors
Neo 13 cotton vevlet

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The Belvedere Arms JMDA @steviecampbelluk 
Hampton Gold wallpaper 

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The Belvedere Arms JMDA @steviecampbelluk 
Hampton Gold wallpaper 

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Belle Sofa
Upholstered in Monk Cotton Velvet with Contrast piping
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Florence Chair
Upholstered in Orpheus Cotton Velvet
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Luxury Velvet Scatter Cushions
Elektra, Labyrinth, Larson Retro and Larson Deep
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Clockhouse Furniture Bobbin Chair
Upholstered in Walladawn Cotton Velvet
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Hampton Hex Wallpape
Interiors by Paperfarm

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Belle Classic 2 Seater Buttoned Sofa
Upholstered in Monk Cotton Velvet with contrast piping. 

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Walladawn Cotton Velvet Armchair
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Luxury Bedroom Bench
Upholstered in Monk British Cotton Velvet

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1970's Tilt & Swivel Egg Chair by Vonos
Rosetta Cotton Velvet Fabric

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Ariel Wallpaper Mural & Paradise Floor Cushion

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Antique Armchair

 Upholstered in Chapelle Morpho Cotton Velvet 

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Wing Back Chair
Upholstered in Walladawn Sustainable Velvet
(made from plastic water bottles diverted from landfill)

Wing back Chair and Bespoke Throw

Boudoir Chair
Upholstered in Fresco velvet

Zanotta Corner Sofa
upholstered in Mary cotton velvet
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Rosetta Cotton Velvet
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Zanotta Alpha Sofa
Upholstered in Kado cotton velvet.
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Refurbished Egg Chair
Upholstered in Blackpop's 'Kado' velvet 
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Wallpapered Ceilings
'Henry' looking fabulous on the ceiling 
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'Hampton Gold' at it's most decadent
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The Fifth wall
'Mary' looking wonderful on the ceiling
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A peek into Blackpop's showroom 
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Fresco velvet
Beautiful curtains in boys bedroom
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Fresco wallpaper looking wonderful in Chris's bedroom
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Walladawn Wallpaper in this hallway

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Vanguard Wallpaper in this modern reception area.

Chapelle Midnight Bolster cushion, custom made with gorgeous black tassels. 

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Custom Chapelle Midnight wallpaper in this gorgeous holiday home. 

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A reupholstered Swan Swivel chair using Blackpop's 'Grand Reader' Velvet fabric.

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Statement Moulin wallpaper panelling in this bold, white dressing room.

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A hand-made box decorated with Blackpop's fabulous Hampton Hex wallpaper, another brilliant way to up-cycle furniture and an alternative way to use our wallpaper. 

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'Mary Wallpaper' from the collection 'Tudors Deconstructed' in a luxurious home, photography by Katy Raywood.

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The 'Kado Level 1' Wallpaper in a grand setting, with green panels which accentuate the colour scheme beautifully.

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Blackpop's new 'Kado Level 1' wallpaper in the collection 'Virtual Landscapes'. This wallpaper was inspired by the virtual world of gaming. 

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We are extremely proud to release Blackpop's new 'Walladawn' wallpaper, a sumptuous mix of texture and vibrant colour, also available as a fabric.

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'Wallablue' wallpaper in the Virtual Landscapes Collection, an eclectic wallpaper which looks brilliant in both home and commercial projects.

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Our new showroom window display in Wirksworth, Derbyshire. This image shows our new antique chair reupholstered in Paradise Lost British Velvet Fabric, with Blackpop's new Walladawn wallpaper in the background. 

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A hand-made quilt, using Blackpop's unique British Velvet fabrics,
with gorgeous 'Hampton Gold' wallpaper in the background

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Our bespoke 'Chapelle Morpho' Bed runner and cushions,
designed with a gorgeous turquoise butterfly motif

The aftermath of a fantastical New Years party,
with our 'Hampton Hex' velvet cushions and Neo 13 wallpaper in the background.
Photography © Chris Webb

The aftermath of a fantastical New Years party,
with our 'Hampton Hex' velvet cushions and Neo 13 wallpaper in the background.
Photography © Chris Webb

'Henry' Wallpaper & 'Henry' Velvet Cushions
@Author Interiors

'Moulin' Wallpaper & 'Paradise Lost' Velvet Sofa
Photography © Chris Webb

'Dizzy' Sustainable Velvet 
'Paradise' Curtian
Photography @Chris Webb

'Orpheus' Velvet Armchair & 'Birdland' Silk Shade
Photography © Chris Webb

'Mary' Velvet Eames Inspired Chair
Photography © Chris Webb 

'Moulin' Velvet Chairs & 'Paradise Found' Velvet Cushion

Photography © Chris Webb

'Mary' Velvet Accent Chair

Photography © Chris Webb

'Hampton Gold' Velvet sofa


Blackpop's 'Reader' British Velvet Curtains and Scatter Cushion.

Tony Read Interiors

Hand Knotted Rug Produced in Nepa produced by Knots Rugs, Designed with Blackpop Capriccio

Bed Canopy using Blackpop 'Capriccio Voile'

Fenella George Interiors

'Brubeck' Velvet Pouffe.
@Snowgoose Interiors
'Hampton Gold' Wallpaper
@Nailormade Interiors
'Hampton Hex' Velvet Chair
Snowgoose Interiors

'Hampton Hex' Velvet Chair
Snowgoose Interiors

'Birdland' Wallpaper
Photography © Chris Webb
 'Duprez' Wallpaper
Paired perfectly with our 'Paradise' Cushion Range
Photography © Chris Webb
Lampshades by Alice at 'Beauvamp'
using our Birdland Fabric with a blue Ombré
Photography © Chris Webb
Chapelle Blue Blush Wallpaper and a Bespoke Wingback armchair.
Chair Upholstered in our Paradise Found British Velvet, dressed in various Paradise scatter cushions.
Photography © Chris Webb
Blackpop's Mary Wallpaper.
Photography © Chris Webb
Hampton Hex Wallpaper
Photography © Chris Webb
Blackpop's Paradise Wallpaper and
Chapelle Blue Blush Wallpaper.
Photography © Chris Webb
Grand Reader Wallpaper
Reader British Velvet Cushion
Photography © Chris Webb
Paradise wallpaper
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Small Armchair - upholstered in Hampton Hex velvet
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Neo 13 Velvet Roman Blinds 
interior design - H Interiors
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Blackpop's showroom - signed wall art 
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Blackpop's Showroom
Wirksworth Derbyshire
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Paradise Found - velvet wallhangings 
wall hangings for sale uk
Paradise Lost & Paradise Found wall murals - bespoke made to order

Paradise Lost & Paradise Found - cotton voile curtains - to order

Paradise Found - cotton voile curtains 

'Grand Reader' in the hall, 'Duprez' velvet on the Salon Sofa topped off with 
'Reader' cushionsgothic wallpapers, unique wallpapers, designer wallpapers, dark wallpapers,

Mary velvet looking a gorgeous with Rossetta boudoir cushions. Another super stylish client!
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'Varden' - Fight Club, Chicago
'Casa Cielo' wallpaper, Fight Club, Chicago
'Duprez' wallpaper from our Vintage Inspired Collection in this
gorgeous Belgian apartment
Luxury designer wallpaper UK
Rosetta cushion lounging in Yorkshire abode 
photography © Chris Webb
Mary velvet fabric 
photograph courtesy of @authorinteriors
upholstery fabric for sale, blue velvet fabric for sale uk
Mary wallpaper
photograph courtesy of @authorinteriors
Blue wallpaper,designer wallpaper uk
Chapelle Noon & Chapelle Blue Blush wallpaper
photograph courtesy of Daniel Hopwood Studio
Blue damask wallpaper
Islington Penthouse
Sumptuous sofa cushions covered in Vanguard Vibe velvet
large sofa cushions, large velvet cushions for sale, bespoke cushions uk
Pierre Paulin 545 chair reupholstered in Vanguard Vibe velvet
designer sofa with large velvet cushions.jpg
Vintage Danish Teak Chair re upholstered in Mary velvet,
rocking in her stunning new home.

Vintage Danish Teak Chair re upholstered in designer upholstery fabric

Duprez Misty Blue wallpaper

Bedroom wallpaper, blue bedroom wallpaper,designer wallpaper for bedrooms

 'Mary' at The Pig & Tail in Birmingham

 Another Happy Client

Joan Ashworth chose Elizabeth velvet to re-upholster
her delightful occasional chairs.green upholstery fabric, green patterned velvet for sale

Duprez Vintage Violet wallpaper sets off this tempting Dunlopillo Firmrest bed.

Purple bedroom wallpaper from Blackpop sets off this tempting Dunlopillo Firmrest bed

Bring the glorious Autumn colours inside, one very happy client from 
South Carolina says "Absolutely love it-you all are brilliant. 
And that sweet boy in the picture is our Stanley."

Designer wallpaper, made in the UK
brown gold and green wallpaper for hallway and diningroom

Gorgeous Ottoman in Duprez velvet 

by Conker Brown

Bespoke Ottoman in green designer velvet

It's all change at 100 Wardour St, previously home to the legendary
Marquee Club and Floridita, and we can't wait to show you the results!
 Grand Reader wallpaper 

snug at 100 Wardour St, Soho, London

100 wardour st bar

Duprez wallpaper at 100 wardour St. Soho London


Interior designer Christina Karras 

Los Angeles


Pouffe covered in Reader Velvet 

velvet covered beadhead

Bedhead covered in Duprez Velvet

stools covered in Duprez velvet fabric

Stools covered in velvets from the Duprez collection 

original abstract patterned wallpaper

'Mary' looks stunning in the National Portrait Gallery Café

'Mary' is one of our unique, abstract pieces from Blackpop's new collection inspired by world-renowned Tudors Paintings.

 pink and blue designer bedroom wallpaper

Blackpop's Chapelle Sunrise mixed with Chapelle with Wings wallpapers
very much at home in a Malvern Hills Cottage


Restaurant & Bar
Design Awards

GBK (Glasgow), Restaurant or Bar in a heritage building

Blackpop played an integral part in the success of GBK (Glasgow), which has been shortlisted for this years Restaurant & Bar Design Awards

Restaurant & Bar Design Awards 2015 

The Star Inn Brighton
Revamps with Blackpop's contract wallpaper, available in all designs.
'Geo Earth'
brown aged designer wallpaper, the star Inn Brighton
Homes & Gardens Trend Report
Velvet Cushions in velvet - Duprez Vintage Violet

Deco Home 

Features our Ombre design 'Chapelle Blue Blush' sliding in from the left to accompany

Chapelle Noon from Blackpop's mix and match collection. 



Chapelle Sunset gets a foothold in

Matches Fashion store in Notting Hill Gate


Duprez and Chapelle Sunrise wallpapers set the scene in the

Pitcher & Piano Derby

Pitcher & Piano Richmond




Ligne Roset London

Wrapped in wall to ceiling Duprez 


White Rascals Wallpaper

Just Enchanting

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