Virtual Landscapes Collection

Virtual Landscapes

Virtual Landscapes is Blackpop's newest collection, taking inspiration from gaming inspired backdrops. When Blackpop's founder, Maxine Hall had just left university back in the early 90s she was offered her dream job as a games designer, in a not so 'career savvy' move she turned it down. Since then, Maxine has always wondered... what if? 

'Kado' is a gaming inspired design, named after the iconic creator of 'Space Invaders', the linear shapes and textured background immerse you into another world, inviting a cyber entity into your space. 

Walladawn, Wallablue, and Wallasea are rich in texture and colour. These designs are Inspired by our founder Maxine Hall's love for African art works. This unique pattern on pattern wallpaper is designed to fit perfectly in both homes and commercial spaces.