'They Call me Mellow Yellow...' 

Whether you’re a fan of saffron or sunflower, mustard, ochre or banana, yellow can be one of the most uplifting colours we can use in our interiors projects.

Blackpop's super popular 'Walladawn' and 'Fresco' designs are bursting with a range of glorious yellows and are especially good for creating that welcoming hallway, kitchen or sunroom.  Or you can use them as a compliment to an accent colour that adds a pop of full on sunshine goodness.
Both are available in fabric and wallpaper.

yellow pattern velvet, african inspired textiles, Blackpop velvets

footstool in Blackpop cotton velvet, UK printed velvets, best luxury UK velvets

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Yellow Mood Boards ideas using Blackpop, Yellow Fabric

This moodboard not only contains those two Blackpop designs, but also pieces by Curiousa & Curiousa (hand blown glass lighting), Heals ( sofa) La Redoute (ceramic side table), West Elm (rug) and Juanma Lizana (vintage table lamp)
The perfect match paint colours are by Edward Bulmer.