I’m Sarah. I’m lucky enough to have been an Interior Designer for over 10 years now and have a burning passion for pattern, eclectic, maximalist interiors and a fascination with colour, especially the way colour can not only transform a space but also affect the moods, emotions and even the health of those who use it.
With a strong pull towards print and bold hues, it’s no surprise that I’m a long standing fan of Blackpop and their beautiful wallpapers, fabrics and cushions and I’m lucky enough to have some of these stunning products in my own home too.
I’m also a music lover, a kitchen dancer, a former Visual Merchandi for Habitat, a Yorkshire lass, addicted to reading music biographies and books from the 1930’s, an allotment holder and I have a penchant for cheese, old movies and scruffy terriers. Oh, and I love velvet, especially patterned velvet. Add a tassel or fringing and I’m hooked.
Lovely to have met you.
Sarah @white_rabbit_interiors 
( named after a Jefferson Airplane song )


If you’re not familiar with Sister Rosetta Tharpe or haven’t witnessed the footage of her performing ‘Didn’t it Rain’ at a disused train station in Manchester in 1964, then pop her name into a search engine and have a view.
This wonderful woman who earned a place in the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame and was christened ‘The Godmother of Rock n roll’ and ‘The original soul sister’ was born to cotton picking parents in 1915 and despite being female and black in the segregated and overtly racist Southern USA, became one of the biggest influences of rock n roll music with Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash, Little Richard, Tina Turner, Eric Clapton and Keith Richards citing her as a huge influence on their music and lives. Amazing and that’s why when we created our ‘Birdland’ Collection with each design named after a legendary musician or performer, we absolutely could not leave this lady out.
Labelled a child prodigy at the age of 4, Rosetta began to sing and play her guitar at church before touring church conventions at 6 years old.
Her mixture of gospel, rhythm and blues and guitar playing created the ‘Electric Blues’ sound which inspired so many and began Rock and Roll. There’s even a snippet of her playing in the film ‘Amelie’. A true legend.

Our ‘Rosetta’

velvetchshions,interior,orange decor,sister Rosetta, velvet foot stool,British cotton velvet,Fire Rated (FR) velvets,

patterned velvet fabric available by the metre or as a cushion. We offer several fabric options including a British cotton velvet or a Fire Rated (FR) velvet which is suitable for commercial projects. Samples are available from our website.

Image of Sister Rosetta Tharpe by UK Jazz and Blues photographer Terry Cryer ( she was the maid of honour at his wedding and paid for his honeymoon in Scarborough, North Yorkshire)

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