In addition to designs named in homage to the wonderful Sister Rosetta Tharpe and Thelonious Monk, we also have this gloriously vibrant pattern called ‘Dizzy’, inspired by, yes you’ve guessed it, Dizzy Gillespie with vibrant pops of pink alongside olive green and a fantastically vibrant teal blue.
Like Sister Rosetta and Monk, Dizzy was a talented child who could play the piano at 4, was 1 of 9 children, and was born in 1917 in South Carolina. He taught himself to play the trombone and trumpet at the age of 12, with no idea that he would go on to become heralded as ‘The greatest jazz trumpeter of all times’ alongside Louis Armstrong.
He gained the nickname ‘Dizzy’ due to his outlandish behaviour and on stage antics which went a little too far when he became embroiled in a fight one night with Cab Calloway who claimed that Dizzy blew spit balls at him and Calloway is rumoured to have ended up stabbed in the leg.
This didn’t deter others from using him in their bands and he with big names such as Ella Fitzgerald, Duke Ellington and Billie Holliday.
Along with Charlie Parker, Thelonious Monk and some other amazing musicians at Minton’s Playhouse NYC, Dizzy Gillespie is credited with pioneering bebop and became an ambassador for Jazz.
His trademark angled trumpet horn was the result of someone sitting on it at a party in 1953, but Gillespie liked the sound so much that all of his future horns would maintain this unique shape.
We hope that that’s inspired you to go and have a listen to some bebop, Jazz or perhaps start with the wonder that is Sister Rosetta and begin with some electric gospel.

Our own ‘Dizzy’ is available as a wallpaper, cushion, fabric and in a velvet pouffe. Samples can be obtained via our website.

Image of wallpapered screens is courtesy of @beauvamp