Sustainability is extremely important at Blackpop and we are aware of our carbon footprint throughout the whole design and manufacturing process. Here, we would like to share the start of our environmental journey.

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Pictured above is our 'Paradise Lost 'Sustainable Velvet on an antique wingback armchair.
The wallpaper backdrop is our new 'Walladawn'

Small Carbon Footprint

Blackpop's wallpapers, fabrics and upholstery products are manufactured, printed, and hand-made within a 90 minute radius of our studio and showroom.

Blackpop's wonderful upholsterer, Elaine is based in Derby, just a 25 minute drive from our studio. Elaine makes our blinds and cushions by hand using our velvet. Our number of wonderful Derbyshire based upholsterers are a 20 minute drive from us. When a product is reupholstered it adds another 100 years of life to a piece, meaning it will last a lifetime and can be passed down through generations.

Our sustainable velvet, which is perfect for all kinds of projects, is made from plastic water bottles diverted from landfill. That makes it efficient, friendly and super hard wearing. The image below shows our sustainable velvet in 'Dizzy' at the Northern Lights cinema in Wirksworth, its the perfect pattern and material for an intimate bar setting.

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Blackpop's 'Dizzy' in sustainable velvet, in Northern Lights Cinema, Wirksworth.

Eco-friendly Printing Process

Blackpop specializes in artisan fabrics and wallpapers which are digitally printed using using UV stable inks which will protect against sun damage meaning our wallpaper will stand the test of time. Buying products which will last in your home is a great way of reducing waste, as items will need to be replaced less often.

Our fabric and wallpaper is also printed without the use of formaldehyde, making them less harmful to the environment and kinder to your walls. This means that you can use Blackpop in your projects knowing that we are kind to the environment.

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'Mary' wallpaper, from the collection the 'Tudors Deconstructed' in partnership with The National Portrait Gallery
This picture was captured by Katy Raywood @ Howson Design LTD