Be Seen in Green


As the mornings get colder and the nights draw in, we could all
do with a little something to pep us up at this time of year.
What could be better than bringing the green hues of Springtime in
to our homes using soft furnishings and decor.

In the psychology of colour, green symbolises new beginnings,
growth and abundance - it's our connection to nature and the great outdoors. Green has some of the same calming attributes that blue has, but with the added energy and zing of yellow.
At Blackpop we seem to incorporate a lot of greens in our designs - so if its positive health associations that push your interiors buttons, why not go ahead and explore our collections.

Green is the grass And the leaves on the trees

Green is the smell Of a country breeze....

Green is a coolness You get in the shade

Of the tall old woods Where the moss is made.
Mary O,Neill


'Kado' upholstery adorning an amazing Zanotta sofa

'Kado' joins our 'Virtual Landscapes collection, retro, rich and full of fun.
This fabric design is inspired by the world of gaming, with a hint of the iconic Space Invaders and the tomb raider, Lara Croft.
Doesn't it pair well with the 'Gallio' behind, splashes of Green, Electric blue, Red, Yellow and orange, this design seems to fit well into any interior scheme.
Decadent and contemporary elegance for any room.


A statement vintage Knole sofa reupholstered in 'Hampton Hex' British cotton velvet

Bring a little regal decadence to your space with 'Hampton Hex'.
Part of the Collectors' Collection, 'Hampton Hex's opulent and dramatic design is part of a collaboration with Sir John Soanes's Museum and features a central motif paiting on the ceiling of Queen Annes bedchamber at Hampton Court Palace
Directly reworking architects’ drawings, paintings and objects d'art, the 'Collectors' Collection consists of 5 wallpaper designs, 4 fabric designs and 2 hand woven rugs, each with its own story to tell.



Edwardian Salon Sofa reupholstered in 'Duprez' velvet in front of Duprez wallpaper
Lights by Curiousa

The perfect earthy tones of 'Duprez' offer an undeniable richness and depth of colour. Duprez was amongst the first Blackpop collection the 'Vintage Inspired', which evokes the feeling of stately homes such as Chatsworth House in the peak district, with its soft damasque esq faded grandeur.


'Elizabeth' British cotton velvet on a stunning Victorian High back sofa

'Elizabeth' brings light and bright vibes with pops of orange and blue.
Elizabeth came about when Blackpop designer Maxine was invited to respond to The National Portrait Gallerys Tudor Painting collection and is a reimagining of over 20 works including 16th century portraits of the Tudor Kings and Queens.


Pouffe covered in sumptuous 'Brubeck' velvet

Indulge in a little 'Brubeck', with its rich and earthy tones
Part of the 'Birdland' collection, this design was inspired by beautiful Dutch Delphe patterns and of course the 40s New York jazz scene and the legendary Dave Brubeck.
Why not have some 'Time out' and 'Take 5' on a Brubeck footstool...

All the above designs are available as luxury wallpapers, cushions and various fabric options, to perfectly realise the vision you have for your home or commercial space.