Blackpop is excited to announce its collaboration with
contemporary producers Knots Rugs

Three stunning handwoven rugs have been produced using two designs Blackpop created for their 'Collections' collaboration with Sir John Soane's Museum;
Fresco & Capriccio

Made in Nepal and Jaipur using age-old techniques, these beautiful pieces are available in two qualities
150 Tibetan Knot in Nepal 11/11 Persian knot in Jaipur

The Tibetan edition of the 'Fresco' and 'Capriccio' rugs are hand made by skilled artisans in Nepal using age old techniques.
Made all on the same pile height of 5mm, there are 39 colours in this rug.

The Indian edition of ‘Fresco’ is made in two pile heights to give a relief look (high/low) and from Tibetan wool and Chinese silk. It is woven using oxidised wool and silk - giving it an antique look due to the process.
There are 44 colours in this rug.

Knots Rugs and Blackpop              sir John Soanes Museum and Blackpop