Hand-knotted rugs care and Information


At Blackpop we are extremely proud of our collaboration with Knots Rugs. The high-quality rug is durable and completely cleanable due to the high-quality materials used in producing the rugs. Knots Rugs
pride themselves in the fact that they only use natural fibres such as silk, wool and nettle making the rugs a good investment.
Hoover your rug regularly and occasionally turn it around in the room for even wear from strong sunlight. Sometimes new rugs will have a certain amount of shedding or fluff but with regular hoovering this will become less and will eventually, stop happening.


If you end up with a common food or drink stain on your rug, here is a step-by-step guide on how to remove these stains.
1. Carefully blot the stain with paper towels or a white cloth. This removes any excess moisture.
2. Moisten the stain with WARM- not hot- water and continue to blot with paper towels or a white cloth and
continue to do so until there is no visible stain transfer on the cloth or towels. Press down firmly to remove all
3. If there is still a visible stain, mix a solution of a delicate soap powder such as Stergine or Woolight with warm
water. Use a new towel or non-abrasive sponge and work from the outside in to lift the stain put of the carpet.
4. Once your carpet is completely dry, vacuum or brush to restore the pile’s texture.


Let the mud dry and then gently hoover until it is all gone. Regular vacuuming and brushing will ensure that any dirt is regularly removed from your carpet.


Don’t pull just clip the thread with a pair of scissors.


Our dying process and hand spun yarn means that the colour may not always take to the yarn evenly resulting in an
effect called abrash. This gives your hand knotted rug its character and life!


Despite using the highest quality dyes, no rug is completely impervious to fading. This means that you should rotate
your rug every so often is ensure that fading occurs evenly. This will also evenly distribute the damage caused by