Jessica Boateng X Blackpop

Jessica Boateng is a Textile
Designer, specializing in Print. Born and
raised in Nottingham she has just
completed her BA (Hons) Textile Design at the
University of Derby.

After developing a strong passion for colours
and patterns from African textiles, Jessica was
craving to learn more about the cloths style and
content throughout her studio practice. African
textiles are the closest thing into acknowledging
her African roots, they contain so much ethnicity,
cultural diversity, bold and vivid colours,
captivating patterns and most importantly…
Africa’s historical and complex background.

Jessica is known for her authentic concepts,
cultural references, quirky patterns and vivid
colours. All these qualities stimulate her to
express her story in a sincere and unapologetic
way. Plus, her designs deliver upbeat, playful
and invigorating products for Interiors.

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