Interiors & Colour Consultancy Service

Your Blackpop Mood Box

A Blackpop 'Mood Box' is essentially a personal colour match service, helping you choose the perfect colours to go with your favourite Blackpop wallpaper or fabric.

Before you paint your wall that sensible shade of beige it is important to explore your relationship with colour and design. If you love Blackpop's wallpapers and fabrics but aren't sure how to use them in your home then we have the perfect service for you.

So what are we offering?

There are two stages of Interior advice you can receive:

 'Mood Box' Three Colour Swatches along with a sample of your best selling wallpaper £49.00

'Mood Box +' All the benefits of our Mood Box plan, plus an hour long consultation and a digital mood board £299.00

What to expect from your consultation

1) Your consultation will begin with a pre-appointment questionnaire so we can find out a little about your project.

2) During your appointment, your Consultant will talk to you about the look you are hoping to achieve. Considering the light, architecture and how you like to use the room, as well as any inspiration you have gathered.

3) Your Consultant will then take you through suggested schemes to help you choose a look you love, in the colours and finished that work for you home.

4) Following your consultation, you will be sent a specification listing the chosen colours, designs and finishes of your scheme.

5) If a painter or decorator is creating your beautiful new look, we will be happy to share a copy of your specification with them before your project begins.

Meet our Expert

Professional Interior Designer Sarah Reynolds will work with you closely to ensure you have a clear framework to follow helping you create your home your way. 


Q&A with Blackpop's In House Interior Designer


Sarah's Blackpop Style of the Season

Blackpop's 'Paradise' Wallpaper paired with 'Neo13' Velvet.

Why did you choose these colours to go with Blackpop's Wallpaper and Fabric?

"I chose Little Greene's 'Ho Ho Green' and 'Light Peach Blossom' to combine with the 'Paradise' wallpaper- a tranquil and calm palette that can be layered with extra colours and textures with soft furnishings (such as 'Neo13') if you want more pattern and busyness.

I actually have these colours in my kitchen where I've planned to put this wallpaper. Would also be fantastic in any room including a bedroom or bathroom as there is nothing jarring to effect the restfulness of the combination."


What do you love most about being an Interior Designer?

"I love it when my clients are enamoured by the end results and genuinely believe that it's made their homes a better place to live. I've often shed a tear when I revisit or I see the final results as something which started in my head becomes a reality.

In commercial projects, such as cafes, it's really gratifying to discover that footfall has increased, profits are up or guests at a B&B want to know where something is from or what colours I've used because they slept so well or have fallen for a lamp in their room.

I get very excited when a fabulous wallpaper, fabric, tile or even grout sample fall through my letterbox; I immediately envision a room scheme!

My clients are often people who want to explore colour or pattern, but are nervous about doing it, so I enjoy seeing their confidence blossoming during the design process."

Sarah's 'Mary' Wallpaper Mood board.

How do you approach a brief?

I apply a client led approach and treat each project individually. I truly believe in the power of colour psychology and like to discover how colour effects the people who will live in that house.

I like to know how the space will be used, by who and when along with key sight lines and if the client has any wish lists or specific tastes or style direction.

It's becoming increasing useful to know if anyone has any anxieties, autistic or OCD tedencies too as pattern or texture can be important factors for them.


Sarah's 'Reader Velvet' Mood board

What has been your favourite project so far? and why?

My favourite project so far has been a boutique B&B which I transformed from something resembling a run down old people's home to something quirky, stylish bold yet functional.

The client gave me freedom to go a little bit further, a tad braver than most residential projects- more theatrical. I used pattern and tried to create spaces that would make people smile and remember their experience.

However, I did combine these elements with a colour palette which would make guests feel relaxed. I designed six bedrooms with en-suites, a dining room, hallway, lounge and a kooky downstairs loo all on very tight budgets and challenging deadlines. It definitely pushed me, but I am very proud of it.


What is your favourite trend that you are seeing at the moment?

Although I keep abreast of trends, I definitely wouldn't encourage people to be a slave to them unless they can afford to keep redecoration and replacing.

However, there's a definite trend for the colours of nature in paint at the moment as we all appreciate the great outdoors more due to being cooped up during lockdown and I would advocate exploring these.

Dulux's colour of the year may not be your thing (it's not mine) but it's great that greens are also still prevalent and they are a very positive colour to have in your home. If you don't want to redecorate, you can add plants or include greens in artwork, soft furnishings or upholstery- there's a shade of green out there for everyone. Loving the return to fabric curtains and blinds at windows (especially velvet) rather than the hard plantation shutters everyone went crazy for.

Also enjoying seeing an increased mix of old and new which may be down to the influences of the nostalgic loving 'Cottage Core' and 'Regency Core' home trends in addition to the difficulty of obtaining new items due to Covid-19 restrictions (factories shut etc) and Brexit.

Who are you biggest interior influences/where do you get your inspiration from?

I have quite an eclectic taste, so I'm inspired by so many sources. I still love an old school Interiors magazine, but often Instagram accounts are fantastic sources. I often refer to the past, so find a visit to a stately home or museum very gratifying, hotels are brilliant, shop interiors or windows, film or TV set designs, old fabric or some classic children's books for inspirational colour combinations (check out 'The Tiger Who Came To Tea')

I adore the interiors by Michelle Kelly, who's a former fashion stylist, and enjoy a bit of Jonathan Adler's colourful bling!


 The Next Step

If you are interested in this Bespoke Service then why not send us an email, we will be happy to answer any questions and hopefully start your journey today.

or call the studio on: 01629 356602





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