Ancient civilsations made them to honour their dead and the most illustrious public buildings in the Greek Empire had walls adorned by them. Popular with royalty and often commissioned by noble families, it was the European Medieval weavers who elevated the art of the decorative Tapestry, making them desirable right up until the end of the 16th century.  With their range of styles and themes, their continued success can be attributed to their portability -  creative polymath Le Corbusier once calling them 'nomadic murals'

In the 19th century and in an attempt to revive the artform, William Morris created a series of pieces at Merton Abbey textile works. Today, pieces in the tradional style are still made in Paris and in the UK at the workshop in Hampton Court Palace - where coincidentally the painting on the ceiling of Queen Anne's bedchamber is one of the motifs in our Hampton Hex and Gold wallpaper and fabric!

To add to our collection of Wall Hangings, Blackpop recently commissioned a wonderful local textile artist, who has used her incredible skills to 'bejewel' the surface of 'Galliot'. 
Printed onto our signature British cotton velvet, each one is a unique piece.

'Galliot' our Limited Edition, hand embroidered velvet Tapestry  

The materials used to adorn this Tapestry include a marvellous collection of 'strand line' finds such as the 'little fish' which sit in a hand spun, hand dyed and hand knotted flax net.
The buttons and beads (some her grandmothers) are antique and the 'Molluscs' are hand spun 'singles' (not plied) using mulberry silk which has been hand dyed, stiffened and formed using gold thread and cotton neps.
Other additions are made using recycled vintage sari silk and hand spun hand dyed wool from British breeds of sheep, stiffened and formed. The Tapestry is then finished with a charcoal coloured, hand dyed ruche trim. 

                                                                                      'Galliot' (details)

'Galliot' is also available as an unadorned Velvet Wall Hanging and as a 'custom fit'
Wallpaper Mural

In September to coincide with this years Wirksworth Arts Festival, we will be launching 'Galliot' in our showroom. At the same time we'll be showing 'Thrush Hour' a piece by Johnny White, who alongside Amanda Wray, design and build the most fabulous, poignant and humorous kinetic art & sculpture.

                          'Thrush Hour' by Johnny White 

If you've never been our fantastic town of Wirksworth before, then September 9th-18this the perfect time for a first visit.Running for over 25 years, the Wirksworth Festival sees our market town come alive during a 10 day extravaganza, in what is regarded as one of the most vibrant showcases for contemporary arts in rural England.Over 150 artists and designer makers will be exhibiting in over 70 venues, including the Blackpop showroom. Come and enjoy street entertainment, live music, workshops and family activities, great street food, performance and fringe events.

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