Making an Entrance

Hallways are the first and arguably the most important impression someone will make of your home. Your hallway may lead visitors to a welcoming reception room or an inviting kitchen, but it is the journey through the home which will set your space apart from the rest.

Here at Blackpop we believe in striking interiors and incorporating strong personal style which will wow and entice your visitors. Blackpop offer a range of exciting wallpapers which are great for statement hallways.

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Pictured above is Blackpop's 'Birdland' wallpaper creeping up this gorgeous staircase.

The term 'corridor' was first introduced to the English language by Sir John Vanburgh when designing Blenheim Palace. The idea was to align the rooms along a central space, a scaled down version was soon adopted into more modest homes.

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Pictured above is Blackpop's newest wallpaper, 'Walladawn' in this lovely foyer.

Adding a vibrant wallpaper, like our client whose project is pictured above creates an open and welcoming space for greeting visitors.

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Pictured above is Blackpop's 'Grand Read' wallpaper, 'Reader Cushion', and sofa reupholstered in 'Duprez' Velvet Fabric.

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Pictured above is the 'Painted Hallway' at Chatsworth House, Derbyshire.
Photo credit to Chatsworth House.

In the Victorian Era, the corridor was about privacy and ensuring that the homeowners could retreat into the privacy of their quarters. The renowned architect Robert Kerr would design corridors and hallways that would offer separation between servants, family and guests, ensuring proper planning meant that servants would be close by, yet unseen - luckily things have changed now! Pictured above is Chatsworth's beautiful 'Painted Hall', with ornate balconies and a sweeping staircase which leads to a treasure trove of period rooms.