Ceilings have been a favourite place for decoration throughout history, either by painting the flat surface or emphasising the structural members of a roof. Roman ceilings were rich with relief and painting, as evidenced by the vaulted ceilings of Pompeian baths, but stepped up a notch in The Renaissance, when 'coffered' ceilings were a show of wealth and opulence. Richly carved borders, intersected with rosettes, adorned the vaults and arches. The spaces in between were filled with pictures, hand painted murals, papers and other decoration.

Nowadays, although ceilings are usually the largest unbroken surface of a room they can be overlooked, designing an interior, although their is such design potential . We like to think about the ceiling as an opportunity, feature wall, leaving more room to showcase your favourite artworks. Which room would you choose...The only way is up!

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A beautiful feature, bespoke ceiling mural, in 'Hampton Gold'

Blackpop’s opulent wallpaper, ‘Hampton Gold' was created using architects drawings and artefacts. The central motif is taken from a painting that's on the ceiling of the Queens state bedchamber at Hampton Court Palace, in 1715, by Sir James Thornhill in an Italian Baroque tradition.
'Hampton Gold' is one in a series that is part of our collaboration with the fabulous Sir John Soane's Museum in Holborn, London, along with 'Hampton Hex', 'Capriccio', 'Fresco' and 'Neo13'.
These designs make up the 'Collectors' Collection, which consists of these options, Blackpop wallpapers, maximalist fabric designs, alongside 2 handwoven rugs.

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A stunning ceiling in 'Mary' wallpaper

If you would like to introduce the 'WOW' factor to your room, papered ceilings, decadent wallpapers, bespoke murals, or something similar to fit an unusual space, why not get in touch for a friendly chat or pop in to our showroom in Wirksworth, Derbyshire.

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 Indulgent and rich, 'Henry' ceiling
image courtesy of 'Sir Dukes' Wetherby