Eames style swivel arm chair & foot stool

Eames style arm chair and foot stool

Fabric 'Capriccio' velvet
Arm Chair - swivel
Width - 84cm
Depth - 60cm
Hight -152cm
Weight - 18kg
Foot Stool - swivel
Width - 63cm
Depth - 56cm
Hight - 50cm
Weight - 5kg

'Working with and taking out segments 
from Canaletto’s paintings of Venice and reassembling them for 
the background of ‘Capriccio’ was a designers dream.'
Maxine Hall - Designer/Director 

We have also had stunning statement rugs made from the
'Fresco' and 'Capriccio' designs, hand knotted rugs 
traditionally woven on the loom in Nepal.
They are beautifully crafted to the highest quality, 
collaborating with Knots Rugs.   

Our design approach isn’t to copy existing motifs it’s a 
creative process of dismantling, reassigning and combining.'

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